Braden Roofing Gallery:
Completed Roofs
A finished roof.
A closeup.
A job well done!
Another quality job.
Hip detail.
Steep houses are not a problem for our top quality crews.
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Customized Procedures
Our workers are always courteous.  There will always be at least one english speaking professional on the job at all times. We work hard to get the job done the right way.
Braden Roofing warranties all our work.  We are quick to respond. This is a picture of a broken vent pipe that caused a leak when it rained.  It was broken unrelated to our work, but we fixed it anyway.
We lean plywood against your home to direct trash away from shrubs, flower beds and airconditioners.  When the job is finished, clean up is complete.
Why is this wadded shingle wrapper inside this plumbing pipe exhaust?  During tearoff it is possible for roof trash to fall inside the plumbing pipe and clog it.  Many roofing companies will not take this kind of care and then will not take responsibility for the damage they cause.
We use a double-axled trailer instead of a big heavy box dumpster (which would block your driveway for a week, and then damage the driveway).  We thoroughly clean up after every job, including using a nail magnet.
Another picture of a house being protected by plywood during roof removal.
Specific Products
Closeup of a ridge vent.  This is a Snow-Country II vent, which is vastly superior to most ridge vents.
Closeup of Lomano 750 air vents.
We paint plumbing pipes on the front roof facings.  This shingle is an Owens Corning Berkeshire.
Closeup of hip & valley. The valley is .44 gauge aluminum with a baked-on enamel coat and a "W" diverter to properly channel water.  Also note the doubled ridge.  We certainly can use a single-thickness ridge, but most people prefer the doubled ridge.
Berkeshire shingles, one of many shingle types our expert installers have applied.
Wood shake.
Wood shake shingle in need of replacement. Notice the black felt paper clearly visible right through the shingle
The first step in any repair is removing the malfunctioning part of the roof.  We are careful to remove interwoven fasteners on adjacent shingles so that we can properly splice in new shingles.
This is what a "burnout" shake looks like.
We always splice in new basesheet with our repairs.
This is why it is not a good idea to put more than two layers of roofing on a house.
This roof required an intensive structural repair performed by Braden Roofing and our expert on-call carpenters.  Half of this roof was caved in.  We were able to support the good side while dismantling the other.  The completed roof is strong, straight, and ready for plywood and shingles.
Flat Roofs
A fully installed tapered roof.  Notice the way the roof drains toward the drain in the upper right corner.
A residential flatroof. Chimney flashings are spliced and secured with both the masonry and the roof.
Another residential flatroof.
We do commercial reroofs too.  Torchdown is a common application (we do others as well).  Done properly heat stack base flashings are sealed from the top and the bottom.
Termination bar construction.
This is a picture of a TPO application. TPO is a state-of-the-art product with 85% reflectivity.  This saves property owners big bucks off their A/C bills.
Custom Walk Out Decks
A finished Dec -Tec application.
Finished Dec-Tec patio.
Dec-Tec detail.
Dec-Tec closeup.
Dec-Tec closeup.  The surface is lightly embossed for walking traction.  The reflective surface keeps the roof from getting uncomfortably hot, even on the toughest summer days.
Dec-Tec detail.